Nail polish with a story

I had spent the past several months slaving away on the two qualifying papers for my Master's degree in linguistics. My fiance was working in another state, so I had only my dog Trudy for company. On the day I finally passed my exam, I decided I needed a break, and I really needed a new hobby. Almost at random I decided on nail art.

I loved the way nail art allowed me to express my creative side, which hadn't had much exercise in a long time. I think nail polish is unique in that a single manicure can tell a story in a way that no other makeup can. I started a blog to showcase my swatches and attempts at art, and it was through blogging and meeting other nail polish addicts that I discovered indie polish.

It was only a matter of time before I decided to try my hand at making polish myself. It would be a great way to show others what was going on inside my head. Ever since opening ALIQUID Lacquer in November 2013, I've tried my best to design polishes that have meaning to me, whether inspired by a favorite book, place, or experience. And of course, Trudy has been there for me the whole time!

It feels great when someone else loves my polish as much as I do. I hope you find something here that speaks to you!

About the name

"Aliquid" is a Latin word that means 'something' or 'anything'. I originally chose it because I thought it fit the content of my blog--nails, recipes, makeup, language, and anything else I felt like writing about.

It's easy to pronounce; just remember it sounds like Alison!

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