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HAZY-SHADE   A Hazy Shade of Winter
AILEEN   Aileen
ANGERONA   Angerona
ARTSY   Artsy
BELLONA   Bellona
BENEATH-RED-MOUNTAIN   Beneath Red Mountain
BONA-DEA   Bona Dea
CARMENTA   Carmenta
CEREALIA   Cerealia
DOG-MAGNET   Charity Magnet for ASPCA
CHERRY-FESTIVAL   Cherry Festival
CLOSE-TALKER   Close Talker
COLORBLIND   Colorblind
COMPITALIA   Compitalia
CONGRAD   Con-grad-ulations
CONFUSION   Confusion
CORPSE-BALLET   Corpse de Ballet
COUGH   Cough as Much as You Choose
CRY-ME   Cry Me a River
DAY-SHALL   Day Shall Come Again
DEAR-YOKO   Dear Yoko
DESTINATION-DUO   Destination Polish Duo
DEVOURING-WAVE   Devouring Wave
DIVINE-CURSE   Divine Curse
DIVINE-DISEASE   Divine Disease
DOG-ATE   Dog Ate My Homework LE
DOGGED   Dogged
DONT-STAND   Don't Stand So Close to Me
DOOM-DRUM   Doom Drum
DRAGONSPELL   Dragonspell
EGERIA   Egeria
EQUUS-OCTOBER   Equus October
EXPLORADORA   Exploradora
FAIREST-ONE   Fairest One of All
FERONIA   Feronia
FINE-EYES   Fine Eyes
FOREVER-DAY   Forever and a Day
GARGOYLE   Gargoyle
GET-OVER   Get Over It
GRAB-BAG   Grab Bag Polish
GREY-SEAL   Grey Seal
LIP-BALM   Handmade scented lip balm
HIDDEN-CITY   Hidden City
HIPSTER-DOOFUS   Hipster Doofus
HOUSE-TROUBLES   House of Troubles
IO-SATURNALIA   Io Saturnalia!
LAKE-MICHIGAN   Lake Michigan Sunset
LEMURIA   Lemuria
LIBITINA   Libitina
LOVELY-RITA   Lovely Rita
LUDI-ROMANI   Ludi Romani
LUPERCALIA   Lupercalia
MAGNA   Magna Cum LOUD!
MAGPIES-MIDNIGHT   Magpies at Midnight
MAKE-WISH   Make a Wish
MATRONALIA   Matronalia
MAYBE-KATIE   Maybe Katie
MAZE-MIRRORS   Maze of Mirrors
MERCY-MASTERY   Mercy, Mastery, Mystery
MOON-STAR   Moon and Star
MOTOR-CITY   Motor City
MOURNING-DOVE   Mourning Dove
MUNDUS-PATET   Mundus Patet
MY-SHARONA   My Sharona
NEMORALIA   Nemoralia
NEPTUNALIA   Neptunalia
NIGHTINGALES-SONG   Nightingale's Song
NORTHERN-FLICKER   Northern Flicker
OLD-DOG   Old Dog, New Tricks
ORIOLE   Oriole
OUTLANDER   Outlander
THREE-FIRES   People of the Three Fires
PETOSKEY-STONE   Petoskey Stone
QUIET-NIGHT   Quiet Night In
RED-DEATH   Red Death
HUMMINGBIRD   Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
SAD-LISA   Sad Lisa
SATURN-UNBOUND   Saturn Unbound
SERENITY-NOW   Serenity Now, Insanity Later
MAGNET   Set of three nail polish magnets
SEXY-SADIE   Sexy Sadie
SHORES-PARADISE   Shores of Paradise
SLEEPERS-AWAKE   Sleepers Awake
STACYS-MOM   Stacy's Mom
STARLING   Starling
STORM-FRONT   Storm Front
DELICIOUS-SCHEME   Such a Delicious Scheme
SKELETONS-RING   The Skeleton's Ring
TOLD-YOU   Told You So
TOO-APT   Too Apt to Like People
TREE-SWALLOW   Tree Swallow
UNENDING-NIGHT   Unending Night
URBAN-SOMBRERO   Urban Sombrero
VANDELAY-INDUSTRIES   Vandelay Industries
VESTALIA   Vestalia
WHITE-SHADOWS   White Shadows
WOLVERINE-LOVES   Wolverine Loves Spartan
YADA-YADA   Yada Yada Yada
YOOPER   Yooper
YOU-NEVER   You Never Give Me Your Money
YOUNG-LADY   Young Lady of Deep Reflection

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